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Who needs affordable film or photography?
Business ads/Weddings/Music Vids/Events.
Contact our fb/insta pages for more info πŸ˜‰

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Who needs an advert making for their company ?

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Can you see in the dark? Because the #Canon ME20F-SH can! 4.5Million ISO 😱
Who wants this?
Check it out via @Mpbcom #canon_official #shootcanon #teamcanon #canon5dsr #canon2470 #bokeh #canonuk ... See more

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#Tip for any #Videographer #Cinematographer #Photographer #Artist #Creative #Designer or whatever you are don't forget to push your #Imagination and " let your #soul feed your #Creativity " - Aeman ... See more

TAE started in Blackburn and now provide creative solutions for companies and clients all over the UK.
TAE are a cinematic production company, we produce films that are rich in content with style and passion.
Our portfolio features videos for many companies, charities and SMEs.
Our products range from TV commercials, corporate videos, communications videos, web videos, corporate events, weddings, public media campaigns, music videos and more.
All of our turnover goes straight back in to TAE and funding our Creating Young Creatives project.
We would love to add you to our long list of delighted clients!